Our brands

Every year, 15 million litres of fine beverages pass through our warehouse. We are a broad beverage manufacturer in several categories such as cider, juice, lemonade, healthy shots, carbonated water, soft drinks, must, mulled wine. All under different brands.

Sweden’s most
loved cider!

Sweden’s most beloved cider. In 1969 Herrljunga Cider introduced the noble drink cider. A drink that every Swede has taken to heart.

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Pressed fruit,
berries and vegetables

Herrljunga Musteri presses fruit, berries and vegetables into fresh and cold-pressed beverages, made by real people with the power of the sun, in Sweden from fine raw materials and their own spring water.

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Cool, trendy
drinks in time

For Spirit of Sweden, it is not the sender, but the products that are important. The design, language and tone go with the drink and the target group. A product can come and go or persist. You decide.

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With a taste of
tradition & innovation

With a true passion for authentic craftsmanship and our love for Swedish Christmas, Dufvenkrook offers classics along with exciting new taste experiences.

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Bring on some
sweet cockyness

Cocky Crane is a young modern brand where sweet and craft cider coexist in the portfolio.

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Classics loved
by the whole family

Herrljunga 1911 are classic Christmas craft drinks such as red and white non-alcoholic mulled wine and Christmas must. Loved by the whole family.

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Proud distributors

We are also Swedish distributors of both Swedish and international brands such as Ekobryggeriet & San Miguel.